Young vikings

Young Vikings


The Flamborough Fire Festival is very much a family occasion when we would like all the family to come along dressed as Vikings! We want as many mums, dads and children, as possible, to join our parade dressed in your Viking fancy dress!

Long ago children were an important part of the Viking community and so, we hope, you'll come dressed in your own, individual, Viking dress... with a drum, horn, shield and sword! So, you really will feel part of the parade! Every little Viking Prince and Princess is welcome so much so that we are holding a Children's Fancy Dress Competition with lots of wonderful prizes to be won! We'll also have a photographer on hand to make sure you get your photo as a momento!

You can either take the easy route and order your Viking Costume, shield and sword, on-line with some wonderful fancy dress websites to choose from such as:



Even better make your own Viking costume. It's not that difficult to dress as a Viking Prince or Princess! For the boys... all you have to do is get one of dad's old, long sleeved, shirts or an old hessian sack. If you are using a hessian sack just cut a hold in the top for the neck, tie a belt around your waist and you've almost got your Viking outfit! Put on a pair of old jeans, tie some straps (old ties will do) around each leg below the knee and put on your Ugg boots or trainers and with a jersey underneath to keep you warm you are fixed up... looking just like a little Viking warrior! Ask dad to make you a round shield and sword from plywood or MDF and paint it in your favourite colours. Put a little piece of string through the shield so you can carry it on your back or in your hand. Remember... if you really want to look the part get mum to find an old sheep skin rug, in the local charity shop, and put it across your shoulders and you will look fantastic!

For the boys... don't forget the face war paint if you want to look like a really fierce Viking warrior!

For the girls... you need to come looking like a beautiful Viking Princess - they always looked stunning with their lovely jewellery and long, coloured flowing dresses. So look out for mum's old dress and cut it shorter... put on your jeans, Ugg boots or trainers underneath your dress to keep you warm. You can add a headband and some straps around your jeans, like the boys but more colourful, from the knee downwards. Remember, to bring your shield and sword too but even better... a lovely drum to bang in the Parade!

To make a drum just get a big tin can or old plastic bucket. Turn it upside down and get dad to drill two holes in it for the string so you can put it around your neck to carry it easily and then bang it as loud as you can! To make a really great drum stick get a round piece of stick or buy a piece of wooden dowling and you'll be able to make as much noise as possible when you are in the Parade!

Drums, horns and cymbals are all welcome so bring whatever noisy instrument you can make or obtain easily! It's going to be a fun night out for all the family!

PS... don't forget your Viking helmet and horns!

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