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Longship parade

Burning of the Viking Longship


The highlight of the Flamborough Fire Festival is the burning of the Festival’s Viking Longship! The Longship is built by local Viking warriors during the summer months when, on New Year’s Eve, the Longship is set ablaze by Viking Warriors carrying their fire torches!

The Viking ritual of burning their longships generally only takes place on special occasions such as; to celebrate the forthcoming New Year by burning away old spirits and welcoming in the new spirits or to honour the death of a Viking Warrior. It is also believed, that the Viking Warriors who invaded Flamborough burned their boats when they arrived so that there was no way they could sail back to their homeland!

The burning of the Flamborough Fire Festival Viking Longship is now an annual ritual at the Festival and one which, as far as we know, does not take place anywhere else in England! So, don’t miss out on this unique and amazing sight at this year’s Flamborough Fire Festival. It is absolutely spectacular!

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