Longship parade

Viking Longship Parade


The long, hard and treacherous voyage across the North Sea from Scandinavia to Flamborough would not have been possible without the Viking’s wonderful, decorative, hand carved, longship which was used for trade, exploration and warfare!

The longship's shallow draft allowed the Vikings to navigate in waters only a few feet deep and were the epitome of Viking naval power and a highly valued possession.

The Viking community of Flamborough would own and build many such ships which would have been shared amongst the village folk to transport goods and troops when planning their raids on other settlements in the area.

The Vikings had a strong sense of naval architecture and in the early medieval period they were very advanced for their time. And so, the Flamborough coble, which is still a valued part of the village community is a real, working, modern day, Viking longship!

The Flamborough Fire Festival's Longship will be pulled around the Village Green by Viking warriors and will include a sail, mast and its own, individually carved, ship's figure head and will be surrounded by fire torches, burning wonderfully, in the darkness... a sight like you've never seen before!


The Festival’s Longship has been blessed by Viking Gods as a symbol of Good Luck! It’s believed that those who place gold coloured coins into the Longship, as she passes them by during the parade, will be favoured by Good Luck, Health and Happiness in the forthcoming New Year. So, when she comes near you, make sure you have your gold coins at the ready!

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