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The Flamborough Fire Festival Team would like to welcome everyone to this year’s Festival! The Festival is a celebration of Flamborough’s Viking heritage and hopes that everyone will come and join in our celebrations!

As last year we are, once again, welcoming all children 12 years and under and all Adults, in Full Viking Costume to the Festival for Free!

All other visitors attending the event will be asked to give a suggested kind donation of £5 or more plus they will be given a Viking Torch to take part in the Torchlight Procession! – there will be 2,000 Viking Torches available but please do arrive early to make sure you can take part in the Torchlight Procession with your Viking Torch!

The Flamborough Fire Festival is held to raise much needed funds for the Festival’s official local community groups and charities. Please see our charities page.

This year's Festival promises to be one of the best ever!.. with the addition of 2,000 Viking Torches, Flamborough Fireballs and the Burning of the Viking Longship.

The Burning of the Festival’s Viking Longship is just one of the amazing attractions to this year’s Festival with others being the; Flamborough Fireballs, Invasion by the Great Viking God Thor!, Fireworks Spectacular at Midnight, Flaming Torches and a magnificent Torchlight Procession, of 2,000 torches in which everyone can take part!

The Festival Arena, on the Village Green, will be festooned with coloured lights and burning torches with the new Viking Longship set alight in a ‘Sea of Flames’!

The invasion drums will resound around the Arena when the Festival will be besieged by handsome looking Viking invaders, led by King Canute wielding his Fire Sword and leading the Battle of Flamborough along with the Great God,Thor with his mighty hammer!

The Flamborough Fireballs will also be in action – with more fireballs than ever! The local Vikings swing balls of fire around their heads as part of their New Year celebrations as they believe, in the days when Flamborough was a Viking stronghold, the community took to the streets with fire, to cleanse the air of the old year’s spirits and welcome in the new! The sight of all the fireballs burning in the evening air is absolutely amazing and one that has never been seen in England before!

The Festival welcomes everyone and encourages all children, friends and families to dress up in their Viking Costumes and take part in the Viking Longship Parade and Viking Costume Competition with prizes awarded to the best dressed Vikings – children and adults.

With the event now in its fifth year it has attracted more than 15,000 visitors, from all over the country, who love the spirit of the occasion and the amazing Festival atmosphere! The Festival is a wonderful way of celebrating the New Year with all your friends and family!

Jane Emmerson, the Festival Organiser, said “this year’s Flamborough Festival is going to be the biggest Festival of Fire ever seen in mainland UK! The lighting of 2,000 Viking torches is just one of the new attractions with others being flaming Fire Swords, a Viking Mead Hall and more than thirty Flamborough Fireballs in action! With a Fireworks Spectacular at Midnight I am proud to say Flamborough will be hosting the biggest New Year’s Eve celebration in Yorkshire.

The Viking Longship will be pulled around the Village Green led by fire balls, fire torches and followed by the Viking Torchlight Procession with everyone who would like to join in is very welcome! It’s going to be an amazing evening in Flamborough and we hope everyone will come along and join in the Torchlight Procession and Viking Longship Parade. Flamborough welcomes everyone to this magnificent Festival of fire!”

The Festival starts at 10.30pm in the Festival Arena on the Village Green. So come and see all the magic, soak up the atmosphere, join in all the fun and celebrate the New Year with a fantastic show of fireworks!

When you arrive at the entrance to the Festival Arena remember to pick up your Viking Torch Ticket. This will give you access to the Festival Arena, Procession Route and the Fireworks Spectacular! To get your Viking Torch Ticket look out for the Festival Marshals, who will be wearing yellow vests and their Viking horned helmets. They look forward to welcoming you to Flamborough and the Festival.

Remember… this year we are inviting all children 12 years and under and all Adults, in Full Viking Costume to the event for Free!

All other visitors to the Festival will be asked to give a suggested kind donation of £5 or more plus they will be given a Viking Torch Ticket so they can take part in the Torchlight Procession! – there will be 2,000 Viking Torches available for visitors so please arrive early to make sure you get your Viking Torch!


Festival Programme - Please see below:


START TIME - 10.30pm

The Festival will start at 10.30pm in the Festival Arena, at the Village Green, with Fireworks, Fireballs, Burning of the Viking Longship, Torchlight Procession, Longship Parade, music, horns and drums extravaganza led by King Canute and the Great Viking God Thor and their handsome Viking warriors! The Festival will start with a Fireworks & Fireball Extravaganza – So don’t miss it!


The Festival Arena – Flamborough Village Green

The Festival Arena is situated on the Flamborough Village Green. To find the event by google maps please use postcode YO15 1LA.


Viking Costume Parade
All children and adults in full Viking Costume are welcome to join in the Viking Costume Competition and Parade. So make sure you all come in your Viking costumes! Once again, please remember, that all children 12 years and under and adults in full Viking costume will be welcomed to the Festival for Free! Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed Vikings.


The Vikings Invade! - The Festival Arena will be besieged by tall, strong, handsome invaders led by King Canute the Great who, having sailed across the seas from Scandinavia, will take the village and all its inhabitants by storm! He will be joined by the Great Viking God Thor wielding his mighty hammer! Flamborough becomes a blaze of celebration at being the first Viking stronghold in Yorkshire and the home of the Vikings!


Flamborough Fireballs

The Flamborough Fireballs take to the Arena with a magnificent display of their fireballing skills! This is an old Viking tradition of cleansing the air to drive out the evil spirits left from the old year and welcome in the new!


Burning of the Viking Longship

The highlight of the Flamborough Fire Festival is the burning of the Festival’s Viking Longship! The Longship has been built by local Vikings. After months of preparation the Longship will set be ablaze by Viking Warriors carrying their fire torches and fire swords!

The Viking ritual of burning their longboats generally only takes place on special occasions such as to; celebrate the forthcoming New Year by burning away the old spirits and welcoming in the new spirits or to honour the death of a Viking Warrior. It is also believed, that the Viking Warriors, who invaded Flamborough, burned their boats when they arrived from Scandinavia, so that there was no way they could sail back to their homelands!

The burning of the Flamborough Fire Festival Viking Longship is now an annual event at the Festival and one which, as far as we know, does not take place anywhere else in England! So, don’t miss out on this unique and amazing sight at this year’s Flamborough Fire Festival. It’s going to be absolutely amazing!


Torchlight Procession and Longship Parade

This is when everyone is invited to light their Viking Torch and take part in the Viking Longship Parade – with Fireballs, Fire Torches and everyone taking to the streets parading around the Village Green welcoming in the New Year together! This year is it planned to have over 2,000 Viking torches available so everyone can take part. The Arena is being re-planned to accommodate the lighting of 2,000 torches and if so Flamborough Fire Festival will be the biggest Festival of Fire ever seen in mainland UK! You can obtain your Viking Torch when you arrive at the Festival Arena on the night.


Viking Longship Brings Good Luck

The Festival’s Longship has been blessed by Viking Gods as a symbol of Good Luck! It’s believed that those who place silver and/or gold coins into the Longship will be favoured by Good Luck, Health and Happiness in the forthcoming New Year. So, make sure you have your silver and gold coins at the ready!


Fireworks Spectacular At Midnight

The Fireworks Spectacular will take place at midnight to celebrate the New Year! So remember to bring all your friends and family to see the magnificent display!


See below for exact position of the Festival Arena in Flamborough which is situated on the Village Green, Flamborough. Postcode - YO15 1LA.

Parade Arena and Route


There will be a number of Food and Drink suppliers at this year’s Festival including:

Rose & Crown Festival Bar
This year’s Festival Bar is kindly being provided by The Rose & Crown who will be serving an array of Yorkshire beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks for absolutely everyone to enjoy.
For evening and lunch time meals and drinks at the Rose & Crown please ring - Tel 01262 850455.

The Country Grill
Providing homemade Viking hot dogs, hamburgers and other delicious hot food stuffs and plenty of piping hot drinks. All food is freshly grilled on site by Debi and her magnificent team.

Copperfields Kitchen
The Copperfields Kitchen will be full of home baked Chocolate Brownies! With hot chocolate, Yorkshire Tea and coffee to keep you feeling cosy all night long! The Copperfields Café of Flamborough also do some of the best full English breakfasts and homemade lunchtime meals you’ve ever tasted. To experience these wonderful delights ring Karen and Jonathon on – Tel: 01262 850495. It’s advisable to book a table!

The More Mead Company – Traditional Viking Mead!
Bob and his handsome looking Vikings will be providing us with an array of Viking meads which will be warmed in the traditional Viking way! These wonderful warming meads come from recipes as far back as King Canute! The honey mead is made from natural flavourings such as ginger, cinnamon and elderflower all with the aim of keeping you as warm as toast on the night. So, don’t miss out on visiting Bob’s Viking Mead Hall this year… your’re in for a real treat!

Tea & Biscuits at the Flamborough WI
Yes, the ‘Calendar Girls’ will be out in force on New Year’s Eve!.. kindly providing visitors with hot tea and specially baked homemade cakes and biscuits.


Everyone is very welcome to take part in the Festival’s Torchlight Procession however, we advise that you read the below information before taking part. Thank you:

You can obtain your Torch Ticket when you arrive at the Festival.

Torch Tickets are for one individual and only given to those individuals who give a kind donation of £5 or more to the Festival when arriving at the event. Please note that Torch Tickets are not available in advance.

You must have a Torch Ticket to take part in the Torchlight Procession. Torch Tickets are limited to 2,000 visitors attending the Festival who would like to take part in the Torchlight Procession. So please arrive early if you would like a Torch Ticket.

Anyone under 16 years taking part in the Procession must be accompanied by an adult over 21 years of age at all times. The Festival Organisers cannot be responsible for children who are carrying a torch. All children must have parental guidance.

The Torchlight Procession is an event featuring fire and wax based torches and so all participants take part at their own risk.

If there is more than one person in your group, please give a kind donation of £5 or more for a Torch Ticket for each member of your group to take part in the Procession.

All Torches are wax based (like a big candle) and safety guards are supplied to protect carrier hands from dripping wax. However, please note, if windy, the wax from the torch/torches may or can be blown onto skin or clothing. Whilst removable from clothing (top tip – an iron and brown paper) please ensure that you and/or your group dress appropriately and do not carry torches or take part in the Procession if wearing valuable or delicate fabrics or if you do not wish be subject to dripping wax from your torch or others carrying torches.

The Torchlight Procession is an outdoor event so please dress appropriately. We advise that you do not take part in the Torchlight Procession if you are dressed in valuable, flammable or delicate clothing.

Please note that all persons taking part in the Torchlight Procession or carrying a wax torch do so at their own risk. The Festival Organisers cannot be responsible for anyone being subject to burning torches, dripping wax or minor burns whilst taking part in the event. We advise you hold your torch upright at all times, at or above head height and not near another person taking part in the Procession. Do not point your torch downwards or at anyone. Please act sensibly at all times. The Organisers will not allow anyone to take part in the event if they are found to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

There will be various ‘torch extinguishing water bins’ along the Procession route where you can safely extinguish your torch. All persons MUST extinguish their torch at the end of the event or if you need to leave the event at any point. To extinguish your torch, you dip the top of the torch directly into the ‘torch extinguishing water bins provided’. We advise that you must extinguish your torch before the flame reaches the guard.

Whilst there is no age restriction for the Torchlight Procession, no children’s buggies are permitted on the route. We advise anyone taking part in a wheelchair do so at the rear of the Procession and must be accompanied by at least two able bodied adults, over 21 years of age, one in support and one to carry the torch as well as for viewing and health & safety reasons.

The Torchlight Procession is an incredibly safe event but the Festival Organisers need participants help to maintain this.

Please follow the safety instructions, which are given on each Torch Ticket, when carrying torches in this event. If you are unsure of the safety instructions please read the safety instructions on your Torch Ticket, or before giving the torch to a person under 16 years, or ask an Event Marshal before lighting your torch or we advise you do not take part in the Procession if you have not read or are unsure of the safety instructions.

When carrying a lit Torch please ensure the wax torch is upright at all times. The Festival Organisers cannot be responsible for any person who does not keep the torch upright at all times or holds/uses the torch in an irresponsible way. Any person found to be doing so will be withdraw from the Procession and their torch extinguished immediately.

The Flamborough Fire Festival has a strict ‘no drone’ policy.

Spectators – ie those without Torches - are encouraged to view the Torchlight Procession from outside the crowd barriers surrounding the Festival Arena. All Spectators are welcome but please do not join in the Procession without a Torch or stand in the front of the Procession to take photographs. Thank you.

All persons take part and/or carry a wax torch do so at their own risk. The Festival Organisers are not responsible for anyone being subject to burning torches, dripping wax or minor burns etc. whilst taking part in the event.

If you are unsure of any part of the health and safety, its instructions and/or do not accept the terms and conditions of participation we advise that you do not take part in the event.

Festival Fireworks
Please note that music and fireworks are involved in the Festival. The Fireworks are provide by The Fireworkers Ltd. It is planned that there will be a burst of fireworks at 10.30pm to announce the start of the Festival and a further display of fireworks at 12 midnight.

Festival Visitors - Parking
The Festival does not have planned parking. We would, therefore, ask all visitors kindly attending the Festival by car to kindly arrange to car share (ie: to come with other family members and/or friends thus limiting the number of visitor's vehicles at the event). There are no designated car parking areas for the Festival and so we ask that all visitors attending the Festival by car to arrive early, park their vehicles responsibly and safely in village street areas only. Please give respect to local residents at all times. Thank you.

Residents - Parking - New Year's Eve only
We ask that all residents and their visitors who own motor vehicles in the village to please park their vehicles off-road, if at all possible, on the day of the Festival - ie in their own or a friend's private parking area. We would also kindly ask residents or visitors not to park in the following areas: Mereside, Mereside View, School Lane, School Close, Greenside, Ogle Road, and South Sea Road (ie: from School Lane to Rose & Crown corner) on the day of the event. Thank you.

Festival Toilets
There will be a number of mobile toilets available on site within the Festival area. This will include disabled toilet facilities.

Disabled Viewing Facilities
The Festival will have a special area assigned for disabled visitors attending the event. Please note that the area is limited due to the size of the Arena so we kindly ask disabled visitors to arrive early if they wish to access the disabled visitors area. The Disabled Viewing are at the north end of the Arena when entering from the Rose & Crown gate entrance. If you are unable to locate the viewing area please ask an event marshal.

Pets and Animals Not Allowed
We would advise all residents who own a pet to keep them safely indoors when the Festival is taking place. We would also advise anyone attending the Festival not to bring their pets. The Festival is not suitable for pets or animals. The Festival Organisers will not allow pets or animals into the event for health and safety reasons – both for the pet’s wellbeing and for the health and safety of others attending. Thank you.

First aid
First Aid is provided by North East Medical Services. The Festival's First Aid Ambulance and medical crew is located at the north side of the Arena near to the Rose & Crown entrance. There will be a para-medic and a number of mobile first aiders on site.

Lost and Found Area – Next to the Ambulance
The Lost and Found Area can be located next to the Ambulance. Any children or persons found to be lost inside the Festival Area are kindly taken or asked to go to the Lost and Found Area next to the Ambulance. If children are found to be lost they will be escorted, by a Festival marshal, to the Lost and Found Area next to the Ambulance. All families and visitors are kindly asked to keep children safe, under supervision and with them at all times.

Safety and Security
The Flamborough Fire Festival is a friendly, family event for everyone to enjoy. However, the Festival Organisers reserve the right to search any persons bags and clothing for security reasons and or remove any person or persons who they may believe are acting irresponsibly or suspiciously from the Festival area or for any other reason if they so wish.

Road Closures
The following roads in the village will be closed from 18.00hrs on New Year’s Eve to 00.45 hrs on New Year’s Day ie:

Mereside View
Ogle Road
School Lane
School Close
South Sea Road North - (from School Lane to the Rose & Crown Pub).

Road Closed and Diversion Signs will be in operation to help and guide traffic. Otherwise, all other roads in the village will be open as usual. If a resident, emergency service, delivery or taxi company requires urgent access or disabled access to any of the above roads, whilst in the closed period, please contact the Fire Festival team on 0207 481 8110 before the 20th December for advice or ask an on duty Festival Marshal for assistance at source as the team will be pleased to help with genuine or emergency access requirements on event day.

Residents No Parking – 10am onwards on New Year’s Eve.
Polite Notice to Residents

Please will residents, in the above roads, be kind enough to ensure that their vehicles and/or any visiting vehicles, are not parked on the above roads after 10am on New Year’s Eve to help with preparations for the event.

Please will residents, in the above roads, be kind enough to ensure that their vehicles and/or any visiting vehicles, are not parked on the above roads after 10am on New Year’s Eve to help with preparations for the event.

Please note that the Flamborough Fire Festival cannot be responsible for the safety of any vehicle/s which are left on any of the above roads so please ensure that your vehicle is kindly moved before 10am on the day of the event. Visitors to the Festival are advised to kindly park on roads that are open and car-share if possible to prevent congestion. All parking is on street/road parking only. There is no official event car park. We ask all visitors to the Festival to kindly be respectful to residents when parking and please keep entry/exit accesses clear. Thank you.

Volunteers Needed
We would love to have more volunteers to help us with the Festival. The Festival Organising Team are a very happy band of hardworking individuals and would welcome anyone who would like to join us to help build the Viking Longship, fire torches, fireballs, and help us on the night. We welcome anyone who is interested.

We need Marshals to help marshal the event on the night – even for a few hours.

We need volunteers to help with the building of the Viking Longship, fire torches and fireballs which goes on all year round!

We also need volunteers to help us set up the event on New Year’s Eve from 10am onwards at the Festival Arena. So, if you would like to give an hour of your time to help us please come to the Festival Arena at 10am on New Year’s Eve when we will all be in action setting the event up for the evening. You are most welcome.

Anyone who would like to offer to give of their time as a Festival Volunteer can contact us by email on – info@flamboroughfirefestival.org or Tel: 0207 481 8110 before the 20th December please. Or just turn up on New Year’s Eve at the Village Green to help.

If you would like to be part of the Team please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You are most welcome. Thank you.

Festival Sponsors & Supporters Needed
The Flamborough Fire Festival is now one of the most popular attractions in Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Coast on New Year’s Eve with over 15,000 visitors attending, including many children and families from areas all over the UK and also from countries abroad, since the Festival started.

Each year the Flamborough Fire Festival is held in aid of local community groups and charities. The Fire Festival is held to raise much needed funds for the Festival’s adopted local community groups and charities.

The Festival Organising Team work very hard to ensure its success, however, we are always in need of kind donors and volunteers to help. The Festival would, very much, like to have one main kind sponsor at a cost of £3,500 and/or one kind donor to sponsor the fireworks at a cost of £2,000. Having this would be a wonderful help and support. If you are interested in being our main sponsor or would our fireworks sponsor please do get in touch with Jane Emmerson, Festival Organiser on tel: 0207 481 8110 or email – info@flamboroughfirefestival.org . We would be absolutely delighted to hear from you and welcome you aboard. Thank you.

Due to the popularity of the Festival we advise that if you require accommodation in Flamborough that you book it early!

Traditional Flamborough Fishermans Cottages
There’s no better place to stay than in one of Flamborough’s traditional fishermans cottages of which there are many beautiful ones in the village!

For the best view in town it’s got to be Flamborough’s Greenside Fishermans Cottages which are all situated within the Festival Arena! To enquire about their availability please ring Mrs Emmerson on 07828 021051.

Farmhouse Cottages, Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Airbnb and Camping Sites
There are also a number of beautiful farmhouse holiday cottages in Flamborough and the surrounding villages which can provide you with lovely accommodation and a warm and friendly welcome. There is also the nearby seaside towns of, Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough which have B&B and hotel accommodation available. Bridlington is only 5 miles by car with Filey 11 miles and Scarborough 18 miles. There is also the beautiful market town of Beverley which is only 25 miles from Flamborough if you fancy an inland market town retreat. Please do visit the following websites for traditional fishermans cottages to rent and lovely accommodation both in Flamborough and the surrounding areas:


Also do visit https://www.discoveryorkshirecoast.com/ and https://www.visithullandeastyorkshire.com/ for advice on accommodation available in Flamborough and the surrounding area. The Bridlington Tourist Information Centre also provides helpful information on accommodation – tel: 01482 391634

Flamborough Caravan and Camping Sites
Seaways Farm
For Campervans and Caravans
If you fancy bringing your campervan or caravan for the evening and need a place to park then please ring: Mrs Couzens, Seaways Farm, Flamborough on 01262 850720 who will be happy to hear from you. Seaways Farm is only 10 minutes walk from the Festival Arena.

The Grange
For Tents, Campervans and Caravans
If you'd like to bring your campervan, caravan or your tent please contact The Grange Holidays Touring and Camping Site, Bempton Road, Flamborough, for more information. The Grange is only 10 minutes walk to the Festival Arena. For reservations please ring 01262 850207 or email info@thegrangeholidays.co.uk or visit www.thegrangeholidays.co.uk. The Grange has an extensive tent/camping site.

Taxi Services We advise everyone attending the Festival to visit by car and to car share. If, however, you are in need of a taxi service please contact the Bridlington Tourist Information Centre on 01482 391634 or the following local companies can provide a taxi service for you:

Arrow Cars – Tel 01262 499200
East Coast Private Hire – 01262 676141 or 01377 318348
Scott Blake Travel – 01262 383500 or 01103 855888
Brid Cars – 01262 425101
1st Line Taxis – 01262 400150
Prima Travel – 01262 603364
QCars – 01262 606060
Filey Taxis – 07794 968230
Lazer Radio Taxis – 01723 515515
Hoppy’s Private Hire - 07478 676869
Nippy Taxis – 01723 377377
Station’s Taxis Scarborough – 01723 366366
Boro Cars – 01723 361111
Beverley Taxis – 0182 618618
Oscar’s Taxis Beverley – 07447 557667
Beverley Westholme Cars – 01482 888999

Or visit www.yell.com for more information on taxi hire.

Help and Information
You can obtain almost all information you require about the Flamborough Fire Festival from the Festival’s website on www.flamboroughfirefestival.org or if you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch by email – info@flamboroughfirefestival.org or tel: 0207 481 8110. You are most welcome.

Thank You to Our Friends and Supporters
The Flamborough Fire Festival Organising Team would like to extend their grateful thanks to; our kind sponsors, donors, supporters, friends, families and the residents of Flamborough without which the Festival would not be possible. We are delighted to acknowledge them all on the Festival’s website - www.flamboroughfirefestival.org

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