Viking warriors

Viking Warriors and Goddesses


We hope that all the adults will come along as a Viking Warrior or Goddess! Imagine what a wonderful sight it will be with hundreds of Vikings, big and small, all joining in the Parade together. What a fantastic atmosphere of fun and laughter with the kids, dads, mums, friends and families all coming together to take part.

So, come on you adult Vikings make sure you get into the spirit of the evening and come along in your Viking costume! The Vikings had both male and female warriors, Gods and Goddesses so you can let your 'hair down' and your imagination run wild!


Just like the kids... it's easy to get hold of a Viking costume, if you have not already got one, by either taking the easy option and ordering your costume on-line. Here are a few ideas below - just click on the below links and your Viking costume will be delivered straight to your door!


Or, why not make your own Viking dress out of hessian sacking, grandad shirts, old leather trousers, jeans etc. Add a bit of strapping around your legs, below the knee, and on your forearms and you're almost there looking like a real Viking! A good idea is to get a lovely sheepskin to put around your shoulders to keep you warm and you'll look fantastic! Add a sword, axe or shield and you'll look just as good as the kids! Put on your cosy Ugg boots or a pair of leather boots, Doc Martens and you will be fixed up for the Parade and a fun night out with family and friends.

We're holding a 'best dressed Viking competition' for the adults too with some great prizes to be won!

So, don't hold back with the dressing up - we want everyone to have a great time!

For the girls and ladies... if you don't fancy being a warrior then how about coming along as a Viking Goddess?!... if so, then this is the night for you - just put on lots of beads and jewellery, forearm bands, your longest flowing dress, Ugg boots and with a sheep skin rug on your shoulders you'll look like the perfect Viking Goddess!

Remember to bring the drum, horn and cymbals with you for the Parade!

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