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Fireworks Spectacular


New Year's Eve would not be the same without fireworks!... like Edinburgh, London and Sydney the Flamborough Fire Festival's fireworks is as good as the greats!

Centuries ago the Vikings celebrated bringing in the New Year with a festival of feast and fire which, they believed, brought good luck to their community. In fact, they invented New Year celebrations! So, we have arranged a special fireworks finale which is set to amaze you!

The Firework Spectacular will take place at the end of the Festival parade! The Festival parade, including the Flamborough fireballs, fire torches, Viking Longship and everyone who is dressed in their Viking costumes, encourages everyone to take part by walking behind the Longship through the streets to the village Green. The Fireworks Spectacular will start at Midnight when we wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

So, don't miss out on the fireworks finale... which is kindly designed and provided by Fireworkers Ltd, who provide some of the UK's most spectacular fireworks displays! You're in for a fantastic night out!

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