2023 Flamborough Fire Festival - Terms & Conditions

By the event we mean the 2023 Flamborough Fire Festival.

All persons purchasing tickets for the event and any person attending agree to the terms and conditions of the event. Please see below.

Please do not purchase tickets or attend the event if you do not agree with the below terms and conditions: Thank you.

The event is a safe, family organised event, held in aid of the Festival’s nominated charities. All persons attending are advised that fire, wax, water, natural materials, fireworks and outdoor weather conditions are involved in/with the event which means any person/s attending the event do so entirely at their own risk.

This year’s event is being held at Mereside, Flamborough, YO15 1LA on the roads and footpaths around the village green. We kindly ask all persons attending the event to keep to the roads and footpaths within the event area/closed roads. It should be noted that the event organisers will not be using any part of the village green for this year’s event.

The event organisers are not responsible for any; injury, loss, damage, death, etc. to any person or person’s valuables or property whilst attending the event. We advise that you do not attend the event if you are concerned about any aspect of the event.

All ticket purchases are strictly non-refundable.

Purchasing tickets, attending/entering the event, or taking part is all means of acceptance of the terms and conditions.

As the Flamborough Fire Festival is a charity organised event, held in aid of the Festival and its nominated charities, if, for any reason, the event is cancelled all ticket sales will be donated to the Flamborough Fire Festival and/or its nominated charities by the organiser. By purchasing a ticket for the event the purchaser agrees to his/her ticket purchase amount being donated to the Festival and/or its nominated charities. Please be aware that any tickets sales are strictly non-refundable. See charities page on the event website.

All ticket purchases are a kind donation to the Festival and its nominate charities.

Tickets are only valid for the 2023 Flamborough Fire Festival being held on 31st December 2023 at Mereside, Flamborough. YO15 1LA. The event starts at 8pm and finishes at approximately 10pm/10.30pm.

Please note that no duplicate tickets can be issued or replaced for any lost or stolen tickets. Please keep your tickets safe.

Please bring your tickets with you to the event on the night as you will be ask to show your tickets at the gate/entrance to the event. All Tickets will be scanned and checked for proof of purchase.

Customers are advised to check their ticket purchase upon receipt including the correct email address or telephone number has been used.

If the event has to be postponed or cancelled, the organiser is not responsible for any costs incurred by the ticket purchaser, visitors or anyone attending the event such as; travel, accommodation or any other expenses or services etc. incurred by the ticket purchaser and/or those attending the event.

The event organiser and the venue reserve the right to refuse admission or remove any person/s from the event for any reason. Health and safety, environmental, security and breach of Covid-19 Code of Conduct are all issues which are taken into account when making these decisions. No refunds are offered when persons are refused entry or ejected from a event on account of late arrival, abusive, threatening, drunken, drug or other antisocial behaviour, carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances. Please arrive to the event in plenty of time.

In order to prevent fraud and to protect everyone involved in the transaction, you may be asked to provide additional information after your booking so that we can verify your purchase. We reserve the right to cancel an order if we feel it is fraudulent and in order to process checks.

If you have received a digital ticket through email or other means, you must not copy, duplicate or disclose it under any circumstances. Doing so will potentially result in your ticket being invalid.

The Flamborough Fire Festival is an outdoor event with footpaths, roads and grass surfaces. We advise all visitors to the event to wear good walking footwear and warm outdoor clothing. We advise all visitors that surfaces could be rough by nature and we strongly recommend you take all care. You may bring your own battery operated torch or means of illumination to help when walking and take care on any surfaces that may be wet, slippery, muddy or icy.

The event and event organisers cannot be held responsible for any injuries to any persons attending or damage to any persons belongings etc. which may occur while attending the event. All person attending the event do so at their own risk. If you are concerned about attending the Festival, for any reason, we advise you do not attend the event.

The event is accessed by foot only – except for children in buggies and disabled persons attending by wheelchair. All other persons attending the event must attend on foot. No vehicle access allowed on the event site at any time during the hours of the event except for emergency vehicles.

Animals will not allowed access to the event. Please do not bring animals or pets to the event. The event is not suitable for animals.

Video, photographs and audio recordings are allowed on site but under the condition that you allow the event organisers to use said media for the event websites/promotion without prior notice.

No drones are allow at the event and use of drones, by visitors attending the event, is strictly prohibited. Please do not bring drones to the event. Any person found bringing or using a drone/s will be refused entry and ejected from the event.

We kindly advise all visitors not to attend the Event if you have tested positive for Covid19 or have any Covid19 symptoms. If you are concerned about contracting Covid19 at the event please do not attend. Please note that all tickets are strictly non-refundable including covid19. Hand sanitiser will be provided at all site toilets.

Torchlight Procession – Terms & Conditions.

If you have purchased a torch ticket or are participating in the Torchlight Procession the following terms and conditions and health and safely instructions apply.

All persons taking part in the Torchlight Procession must agree to the all terms and conditions if they take part in the procession or purchase a torch along with the health & safety instructions before taking part in the Torchlight Procession.

All persons are aware that you are taking part in a Torchlight Procession featuring fire and wax based torches. All persons who take part and/or carry a wax torch do so at their own risk. All persons agree that there is no come back on the Festival Organisers if they take part in the Procession and/or purchase a torch. The Festival Organisers are not responsible for any person being subject to burning torches, dripping wax, eye embers or minor burns etc. whilst taking part in the event. Please ensure you hold your lit torch away from your face/body and upright at all times. Do not hold the torch downwards at any time.

We advise you to hold your torch at shoulder height and away from all other persons. Do not place your Torch too close to yourself or another person. Do not point your torch at anyone and act with care at all times.

All Torches are wax based (like a big candle) and safety guards are supplied to protect carrier hands from dripping wax. However, please note, if windy the wax/embers from the torch/torches may be blown onto skin, eyes or clothing. Whilst removable from clothing (top tip – an iron and brown paper) please ensure that you or the person carrying the torch dress appropriately – ie in casual outdoor clothing and wear walking boots or sturdy outdoor footwear. We advise that you do not take part in the Torchlight Procession if you are dressed in valuable, flammable, delicate or inappropriate clothing as it may be subject to flames/dripping wax. The Festival Organisers are not responsible for any damage to any person or any person’s clothing/items etc. whilst taking part in the event.

If anyone taking part is subject to an eye ember we advise you extinguish your torch immediately and visit the Festival first aid point. You must have a purchased a Torch Ticket to take part in the Torchlight Procession. Torch Tickets are limited to first 1,200 visitors attending the Festival who would like to take part in the Procession.

Any persons under 16 years taking part in the Procession must be accompanied by an adult over 21 years of age at all times. The Festival Organisers are not responsible, in any way, for any persons, children or any persons under 16 years whilst taking part in the event.

There will be a metal torch extinguishing skip and various metal water extinguishing bins along the Procession route where you can safely extinguish your torch at any time. Or, you can give your torch to an event marshal who will extinguish the torch for you. All persons must extinguish their torch at the end of the event or if you need to leave the event at any point. To extinguish your torch, you place your torch in the metal skip or dip the top of the torch directly into the metal torch extinguishing water bins provided. All persons must extinguish their torch before the flame reaches the safety guard for safety reasons. Any person found acting irresponsibly will be withdrawn from the Procession and their torch extinguished immediately.

Whilst there is no age restriction for the Torchlight Procession, no children’s buggies are permitted on the route. We advise anyone taking part in a wheelchair do so at the rear of the Procession and must be accompanied by at least two able bodied adults, over 21 years of age, one in support and one to carry the torch for viewing and health & safety reasons. No pets or animals are allowed into the Festival or on the Torchlight Procession route.

The Torchlight Procession is an incredibly safe event but the Festival Organisers need participants to act sensibly, with care for both themselves and others - maintaining health and safety at all times. If you do not understand or do not accept any part of the above terms & conditions and health and safety instructions please do not take part in the event or purchase a torch.

Please do not attend the event if you do not agree with the event’s terms and conditions. Thank you.

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