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In Memory Of Pam


This year’s Flamborough Fire Festival will be held in memory of our wonderful Pam who died early this year. Pam lived in the village, for most of her life, and loved the Flamborough Fire Festival.

The Fire Festival Team will have the honour of remembering Pam at this year’s event and giving thanks to her for all she did to make the Festival such an amazing success. Her fun and laughter,during many hours of planning and organising, will always be remembered by all the Team. The endless energy, enthusiasm and kindness which she gave to us all will always live in our memory.

Pam gave us so many wonderful memories. One being in March, 2015 she travelled up to Scotland, with Jane, to learn how to build the Festival’s first ever fireball! Pam brought the proto-type back to the village, on the train, in a Royal Mail bag! Since, then Pam with our volunteer team, have built over 100 Flamborough fireballs and 150 fire torches which have been lighting up the sky on New Year’s Eve ever since!

Pam’s Norse mythology name is Atla, the Viking Goddess of Water, and so at this year’s Fire Festival Pam’s picture will be placed on the bow of the Festival’s Viking Longship so when she sails down the village streets Pam will be with us in glory and spirit!

Thank you Pam for everything you gave us.
You and your memory will live with us forever.

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